Why I’ve chosen my tattoos

reaper tat girtat1 turtle tat latin tattoo anarchy tat flamingo tat 0105073651 1214102226

Tribal Grim Reaper: My first tattoo at age 19, 2005. I really like skull art, and dark art and things of that nature. I wanted a tattoo no one else had and I found this pic online and really liked it. At first, it just looked cool, but after awhile, I realized that it came to signify my interest in dark-sided things, the darker side of me, and reminds me of my own mortality.

Gir: My second tattoo, September of that same year. I love the cartoon Invader Zim and felt the character Gir was a lot like my silly side. And he’s absolutely adorable.

Sea turtle: My third tattoo, when I went to Hawaii for spring break in 2007. I wanted to get the plumeria (correct flower?) at first, but then I saw the sea turtle in a book of flash. I never pick out flash to get but I loved this turtle and wanted something to remember my trip to Hawaii by. I’ve gotten more compliments on that tattoo (it’s on my neck) than any other one.

Latin phrase: 4th tattoo from the movie V for Vendetta. October 2007. In latin: Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici. In English: By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe. This represents me and what I stand for very well. I believe in truth and living by it. I’ve always strived to be myself and never be ashamed, to never pretend just to please someone else. And I believe that truth will conquer all. Not lies, but being honest with ourselves and each other.

Anarchy symbol: 5th.  July 2009. Someone once asked me why I would choose to dye the anarchy symbol into my skin. To most people, if they even know what the symbol means, anarchy is chaos and death and destruction. But the things I’ve read show the exact opposite. Anarchy is possibly the biggest advocate for peace and social harmony that there’s ever been. But it would take a long time and we may never see it in our lifetimes. It’s people working together for themselves and for each other equally, sharing things, sharing education and parenting and housing. It’s about not having a centralized government and a select few people making rules for the rest of us. People would learn to police themselves and learn to accept each other as human beings, not because of  or in spite of race, class, sex, religion or sexuality. None of that would matter. And anarchy is a dominant symbol in punk music and ideologies. I’ve grown up with country music and it will always be a part of me. But punk is the only place I’ve really felt comfortable with myself, discovering it at about age 13 or 14, and the anarchy symbol represents that.

Flamingo: This is my 6th tattoo (8/2010). It is a memorial to my Uncle Tom who died last year after a long battle with a brain tumor. He hated flamingos and it was a running joke in our family…we always picked on him about it. So my brother and I thought it was appropriate to get a flamingo tattoo in his honor.

Atheos: My 7th tattoo (01/2013). The word ‘atheist’ in ancient Greek. I am an atheist. I don’t believe in God, especially the Christian God. I have a lot of problems with religion and Christianity and the bible. Many people have already given me crap for it but if they are allowed to get their tattoos of Jesus and crosses and scripture, then I can also get a tattoo representing my beliefs. My grandma asked what if one day I believe in God (she’s always trying to get me to convert, saying she didn’t always believe in God either). And I told her I dont’ plan on it but if for any reason that happens in, say, 20 years, then I would look at that tattoo as a reminder of that particular time in my life.

Roman Numeral 13: I was born on a Friday the 13th, and this year (2013) it was on a Friday again. Plus my tattoo shop had a $31 sale on small 13 designs. So, why not?

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