Pubic Hair, Bald Vaginas and Shaving

I blame porn for the prevalence of and desire for bald vaginas. Really. If not for mainstream porn, most people wouldn’t give a damn about a hairy vagina during sex, as long as it was at least a little trimmed. Frankly, bald vaginas and the desire for them, nay, the necessity for women to have them, creeps me out. Our society creates a nation of pedophiles, sexualizes children, and then we’re surprised when someone really is a pedophile. We create the very thing we despise and punish. Bald vaginas are for pre-pubescent girls. Period. Adult, mature women, have pubic hair, and for a reason. A male wanting his lady to have a bald vagina creeps me out, like he wants to fuck the vagina of a nine-year-old. And frankly, I won’t do it. Yeah, maybe it’s a little cleaner come rag time, but it itches like hell when it grows back in. Thinking about it now, bald vagina and the desire for it creeps the hell out of me. And frankly, I don’t enjoy doing someone when they’ve shaved off all their wang/nutsack hair. It hurts, quite honestly and is not attractive. It looks funny.

There are many theories as to why we have pubic hair. One is that it traps the pheromones, the sex hormones we secrete when we sweat, that attract the opposite (or same) sex. Pubic hair signals adulthood, that said person is in the reproductive stages and we’re ready to make/have babies. It protects our vagina from any kind of trauma from rubbing or the like, regulates temperature down there. Some think it’s leftover from ancestors who used to be hairy to keep them warm. Pubic hair prevents dirt and particles from entering the vagina and thus irritating or damaging it. Still there are those that believe humans evolved with less pubic hair over time, and that smooth, clean skin signals health. I disagree. It grows there for a reason and men and women should leave it alone. Trim it for hygiene, but don’t shave it all off. It’s unnecessary and creepy. Left to their own, women are pretty hairy creatures. Why is it not gross for men to be gorillas and women must be perfectly clean-shaven and smooth all over, at all times? I’ve had guys tell me that shaving is annoying. Oh really? No one forces you by guilt to shave your face to be appealing to and accepted by society (except maybe if you’re in the military). And you have, what, your face to shave? I have legs, armpits, thighs, bikini line. I hate shaving. It’s annoying. And the only reason I do it at all in the winter is because I’m married and husband doesn’t like hairy legs. It keeps my legs warm. Why doesn’t he have to shave? That said, I shaved my thighs down (which I do rarely because they’re always covered) for our anniversary, and now it’s growing back in and itches like hell.

One thought on “Pubic Hair, Bald Vaginas and Shaving

  1. I’m delighted to find someone else crusading for all this female baldness to cease – immediately! I actually find a bald pussy androgenous and not nearly as sexy as one with hair. And as you say – there is something creepily paedophilic (I think I made up a word!) about a bald pussy.
    I just wish more ladies would leave it to grow!

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